Welcome to the Vavan Wiki

Welcome to the Vavan Wiki! This wiki is about the real life pairing, Vavan. So please add anything Vavan related. Please no inapporpriate pages of any kind.

What is Vavan?

Vavan is the real-life pairing of Victoria Justice and Avan Jogia (V/ictoria and Avan). They have been shown to be best friends in real life and they hang out all the time see more...

What is Bori?

Bori is the fictonal pairing of Tori Vega and Beck Oliver. Victoria Justice plays Tori and Avan Jogia plays Beck. This ship has nothing to do with Vavan. Bori is a very popular ship and they have kissed in the pilot. see more...

Bori has its own wikia that can be found here.

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