Hey my fellow Vavaniers I was wondering what you think of my idea for the 2 parter of victorious so please leave your comments and please no shipwarring or inappropriate language and if you see it leave me or K R a message on our walls and we'll respond ASAP so tell me what you think.

Seriously, it's okay. You''re sweet, but you might be making it worse actually Ah, ah, you broke character, you lost, I am a police officer and I am "victorious!"

The Lockout

Tori and her friends have their first lockout at Hollywood Arts to work on their semester projects and the pairs are Tori,Beck Robbie,Cat and Jade and Andre and Tori and Beck do a project where you look into the pearpad for 5 seconds and it tells you your mood so Beck tests it on Tori and it says in love but Beck doesn't know that he is the one she is in love with and then they have a serious converstion about love and then Tori kisses Beck and the others see them kissing and it ends on a cliffhanger.